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Use of Template Forms in Domestic and International Transactions-What about choice of law and jurisdiction?

We have all been involved in having to represent a client that has come to us after downloading a form or using a template provided by the other party, from searching the web or some friend, and found him, her or itself in a dispute with the other party. Now, in the increasingly global market it is even more problematic for individuals to deal with each other in a pragmatic manner without using good choice of law and jurisdictional provisions. It is very hard for individuals that use competing forms, poorly drafted forms and templates, or a Hodge podge of clauses or provision thrown together without any understanding of the business, litigation and transactional risks involved. Unfortunately, this arises from a situation where individuals are in a rush to close the deal, but fail to grasp that there may be more loss from closing the deal than delaying or negotiating the deal further. In order to ensure that the parties […]


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