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Courtney Love’s Social Media Snafu: Defaming, Opinion, Fact, or Subjective Beliefs About the Truth?

Defamation is not a new claim or novel in anyway, but a recent ruling on defaming content on social media sites is pushing the boundaries between defaming content, and what has traditionally been a reasonableness or good faith based standard for a Truth Defense. The libel case was brought by a Law Firm against Courtney Love “Love” from comments made by Love on the social media site Twitter. Love, originally, hired the law firm of Gordon & Holmes to investigate claims that attorneys and accountants were stealing money and personal property from her late husband, Kurt Cobain’s, estate. When the firm refused to pursue the claims, Love, alleged that the firm had been “bought off” by the offending parties. A slightly, paranoid and unusual comment, however, most clients do not disseminate such crazy thoughts in response to a fan and Twitter follower. Love statement, “I was (expletive) devastated when Rhonda J Holmes, Esq. of San Diego was bought off…” The […]


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